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This session was supposed to be a mini family session for my cousin’s family while they were in town from Alaska. But things don’t always go according to plan when kids are involved!

A tired David had no interest in pictures and when he ducked into the house with Dad and saw all of Asher’s toys, he really had no interest in going back out to the small studio with its much less impressive toys. So after our best efforts at bribing and tempting, it was time for Dad to take him for a nap. Little Eliza hadn’t had a photo shoot of her own yet, so we focused on her and she couldn’t have been happier!

Little Drew came to visit me in the studio at only 6 days new. Absolutely gorgeous and perfect- I could have photographed him all day (as you can probably tell from the huge collection of pictures below!)

Drew’s mom is my good friend and I had been anxiously awaiting Drew’s arrival since she was about 5 weeks along. You can only imagine how thrilled I was when Dad brought along his guitar. Too precious!



Be sure to check my links page for where to find the great props used in this session!


This is my niece Aly doing what she does best…being sassy! Every year we do pictures for her birthday and though the adults are really excited, she kind of seems to hate it. But this year SHE was really excited…then she hated it. Of course, right?! At least I got a couple of cute ones. I just love this girl!


Happy birthday to Colton! I had so much fun photographing this little stud muffin, and I think he had just as much fun exploring the studio. Colton had his mama running the whole session!  He was all personality, even giving me a good old fashioned growl face in the pirate pj’s he was given by his grandparents. So much fun!

Check out this head of hair! Have you ever seen anything like it?! I could hardly bear to cover it up with my collection of cute hat, so we only used one. Though he was only nine days new, this little charmer followed the camera like a pro and chose to stay awake for the majority of his session. Aww, I love newborns!